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We thought it might be helpful, as well as informative, to answer those questions people seemed to be most curious about. If you have a question, or comment, we would enjoy hearing from you.


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We are Open from 9:00am to 7:00pm EST, Monday to Friday. Closed on Holidays. Any orders received when our Cabildo is closed will be processed on the next business day.

About The Spiritual Course 

  • How Do I Know Whether This Course Will Help Me?
  • What Kind of Help will I get from my Instructor?
  • Do I Need a College Degree?
  • May I Study Alone or will I Need a Companion?
  • May I come to El Brujo to be Taught by Him?
  • What About Privacy?
  • What About Nudity and Sex?
  • Are The Magic Ritual Frightening?
  • About E-Mail Tarot Reading 


    How Do I Know Whether This Course Will Help Me?

    If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with your life in general; if organized religion leaves you wanting something more; if you believe you have the power to do whatever you wish to do (if only you knew How); if you would like to feel better about yourself; if your life seems to be ‘Out of Control’; if you would like to wake up with a smile in the morning; if you feel you are under the influence of negative forces; if you simply would like to learn how the Brujos, Magus, Wizards, Sorceress and Witches do what they do, if you like to know the truth of All thing,  then Yes, These Course can help you. Back to Top


    What Kind Of Help Will I Get From My Instructor?

    The Priesthood emphasizes the importance of the individual. Once you became a student, "El Brujo" will be your personal instructor to help and direct you while you remain with the Order. Back to Top


    Do I Need A College Degree?

    Absolutely Not. The lessons are written clearly and concisely; the information is easily understandable. The course is logically planned so that you will progress naturally from lesson to lessons. All you need is the will to learn and determination. If you have questions, your personal instructor is as near as your Email. Back to Top


    May I Study Alone Or Will I Need A Companion?

    At no time will a companion be necessary. However, if you know someone who is also interested in learning about the Craft, for a very special rate we offer dual enrollments, where materials are shared. The partner may be a wife, husband, parent, child, lover, or friend.   Back to Top


    May I Come To  El Brujo  To Be Taught By Him?

    Yes. but Much to his regret, El Brujo has not the time to accommodate students here in New York, because of his schedule and the demands of spiritual work, so the accommodation runs on the part of the client or student. Students can, however, meet El Brujo to take the Lessons, Spiritual readings and Spiritual  jobs. Back to Top


    What About Privacy?

    El Brujo guarantees your privacy from this end.  If anyone finds out, it’s because you have chosen to tell them. Your student Email and Name are secured in our files. Back to Top


    What About Nudity And Sex?

    It is true that most Craft practitioners find working “skyclad” more effective. However, at no time will you be asked to act in any way against your wishes. Participation in the sexual activities associated with the Craft is optional. Back to Top


    Are The Magic Ritual Frightening?

    Waking up at the same time each day is not frightening. Having a cup of tea or coffee at the same times each day is not frightening. Taking a bath at the same time each day is not frightening. Nor is using the same brand of soap or toothpaste. Yet all these are RITUALS, which you and everyone you know perform almost each day of your lives. Magic Rituals are Not Frightening.  Back to Top


    What are your credentials?

    I am a certified Minister, a Reverend of the U.L.C, and the P.U.L.C a Tata Nganga of  P.M.M.R.K.S.S, a Mystic of  the High Priesthood of AKA, a Flame in Keltic Wicca and  a Godty in Anglo-Saxon Wicca. I'm a Doctor of Metaphysics, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Divinity, and  a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion and in Theology.  I have and hold Master's Degrees that mean I can teach and  I'm in good standing and entitled to all the privileges and rights accorded thereto. 

    I abide by the high professional standards set by God and these organizations and I have been reading the cards and casting spell for many years. I'm from an extensive generation of  psychics, I have spent the last 36 years offering spiritual guidance and help through divination, spell and teaching in Service of Mankind. Back to Top


    Are You Experts?
    Yes, we are experts in the Art of Sorcery. Well actually we are experts in Teaching and doing Magic. We are Professional
    . Back to Top


    What are the benefits of an email reading?

    Email readings are to help you with your problems and to help you see a way forward in your life. I believe in free will so it is not necessarily about predicting the future. However, I hope it does give indications about what lies ahead and gives you ways to achieve good fortune and avoid misfortune. I believe that there is a map to our destiny but how we travel over it is up to you. Back to Top


    How does it work?
    It has been said that contained within the Tarot are the secrets of the universe…in fact many are convinced that they are a direct link to a 'Higher Being'…whatever you conceive that to be. Reading the Tarot cards allows you to come face to face with the many hidden aspects of your psyche. They enable you to unlock many of your deepest anxieties and fears, thereby allowing you to come to terms with difficult decisions you may have to make - whether it concerns your career, your relationships, or any new and unexplored horizons you may be approaching. If are able to open your mind and unlock your soul to the endless possibilities of the tarot - all the mysteries of the universe will be open to you.
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    What do you use to make the predictions?

    I consult different oracles to make my predictions and give my advice about what to do. I have an extensive knowledge of these oracles and have been using them for 36 years! In particular I use the Tarot Cards and the Boroko Sarabandero, an amazing ancient oracle from Africa, and  from these I can discover the answers to your questions. I also use my own clairvoyance power which I focus using my Nganga. Back to Top


    Is it safe to order over the net? 

    The El Brujo uses a secure server provided through ClickBank or PayPal, in our server.  We have never had a problem with an order in the many years we have been operating.  Back to Top


    Can I pay by snail mail? 

    Sure...just follow the directions on the form. Back to Top


    What do I do if my e-mail reading is not received within 72 hours? 

    First, make sure its actually 72 hours from when you receive or order confirmation.  Then, if its still late, write me a note.  Readings are sometimes delayed because of computer difficulties, emergencies that come up, etc.  We will do everything we can to set things right. Back to Top


    How can clairvoyance work over a distance?

    Nobody knows for certain. However, I believe it works a little like the Internet. We have a spiritual self, an energy body, that interconnects with everything else in the universe. By opening my spiritual powers and looking within myself I can become aware and attune myself to your situation. Back to Top


    And how can you tell the future?

    The future is up to you. However the Tarot cards and Geomancy can give an insight into your situation and suggest a potential future. Carl Jung, one of the fathers of modern psychology, believed that the cards and hexagrams synchronies with the conditions of the time in which they are cast. He said "Anything done at a particular moment in time has the qualities of that moment in time."  Back to Top


    Are you always 100% right?

    Sometimes I do get things wrong too, but I believe that a great many of the things I tell you will be right on target. The vast majority of the people who came or wrote to me say that they were very pleased indeed with their reading. I have a lot of clients who have been with me for years, many years, beside my many ahijados, they are around too. That mean that I' m good. Back to Top


    Why do I have to give background information about my question?

    In a face to face consultation I strongly discourage you from telling me anything at all about yourself as I would 'pick it up' from your vibration or from the spirit. However with email readings I do not have you with me or a spirit contact so it is much more difficult to link with you. For email readings I consult oracles and from the information it reveals interpret and apply the answer to your situation. Hence I need a little information to work with. Back to Top


    When Do I Get My Order?
    Generally, orders are processed Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm EST. It is however not uncommon for orders to be processed outside these hours and on weekends. Back to Top


    What can I expect when I order a reading? How soon will I receive it?

    You can expect my undivided, non-judgmental attention when I consult the cards for you. Most readings are completed and sent within 24 hours of the confirmation message you will receive. During peak order times, this may increase to 72 hours. Back to Top


    What do I get for my money?

    When you receive your completed reading you will also receive a description and diagram of the spread used for your reading. This will include an explanation of each position in the spread, what it means, and how it relates to the other positions, You will receive the reading itself, as well as a summary and explanation of the reading. Back to Top


    What if I still have questions after I get my reading?

    I am always available to answer your questions or listen to your concerns or comments. Back to Top


    How should I phrase my question?

    The question you ask is critical to ensuring a positive reading experience. The more vague and uncertain your question, the more vague the answer you will receive. Although the cards themselves are magical and mystical in nature. The more information you give me to work with, the more I can narrow my interpretation of the cards to fit your needs. Back to Top


    Are there any questions you can't or won't answer?

    No, But Most reputable tarot readers will not dispense medical, legal, or financial advice. If you have a medical or legal concern, or want to know how to invest your money, then I am going to recommend that you consult your doctor, attorney or stockbroker. Any answer my cards give you will be based on current phase in your life, and readings are intended to provide the tools that will empower you to make positive decisions. Back to Top


    What Type Of Support Do You Offer?
    At present, we offer E-Book purchasers support via emailBack to Top


    How Do I Report Any Problems?
    Use this email. Please be as specific as possible.
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    Where Can I learn About Magic?
    The best place to start is at right here and right now.
    Subscribe to the General Mailing List for information concerning updates. Back to Top


    What pack is used for the readings?
    The pack used for the readings is the traditional Rider pack designed by A.E. Waite in 1910. This is the pack used by most professional tarot readers. Although there are many other packs available with beautiful designs and imagery, the Rider pack has stood the test of time, and the meanings of its symbols are well understood.
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    Do Tarot card readings really reveal the future?
    Yes, in fact they actually do show events that will happen in the future - though of course we are all masters of our own destiny and it is up to you whether you chose to take one path or another.
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    I asked about my relationship and the answer included other things. What does that mean? 

    The answers you receive may not always be the answers you want to know, but are what you need to know in order to make an accurate determination of the situation. For example, Your current financial or professional position could be having a direct affect on your personal relationship. Be sensitive to what is being suggested. The answer will rarely offer a step-by-step solution, but rather will ask you to consider how other elements in your life might be affecting the object of your inquiry. Back to Top


    Email Readings? Do They Work?

    80% of the readings done by "El Brujo" are for return customers.  Judging by the success and statistics of this site- yes,  they certainly do "work".  The email format has become my favorite method of reading.  It allows me to reach out to people all over the world, in a way I never could have in years past.

    The form you fill out before your reading is an important step in the reading process.  This form allows me to concentrate on you, to get a feeling for your question and personality, to connect. Then the email format allows enough distance between us so that expectations and desires you may be  radiating don't come through.  In many ways, this is a very pure form of reading. 
    But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself Click here
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